John Hoff, MPA '11

February 3, 2023

Humphrey alumnus John Hoff, MPA '11 is the first author published in a new feature of the current edition of Military Review 

In his essay, Heed The Words Of Sayed, Hoff writes about the outcomes of military engagement in Afghanistan written from the point of view of a veteran who was there. His thesis paragraph is below:

"We do not fight insurgencies successfully because American military leadership, by and large, has not walked in the tattered shoes of Third World poverty, has not lived inside its hungry skin, and has utterly failed to have understanding and empathy for a Third World mindset. Worse yet, our heedless consumerist lifestyle is why we must fight Third World insurgencies in the first place."

Hoff's essay is the premiere of a new feature "Idea Kiosk" presented by Military Review and was a submission in the 2022 DePuy Writing Contest. To read the essay, click here.

Sgt. John W. Hoff is the behavioral health NCO of Medical Detachment, 90th Troop Command, 45th Brigade Combat Team, Oklahoma National Guard. He served as a regular army “psych tech” from 1990 to 1994 at William Beaumont Army Medical Center, Fort Bliss, Texas, providing care for soldiers who served in the First Gulf War. Under the pen name “John Hoffman,” he authored The Art and Science of Dumpster Diving and Dumpster Diving, The Advanced Course.