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The CEA program hosts a regular series of free webinars for the election administration community. Topics range from poll worker training to election security issues and are hosted by top experts in the field. Watch recordings of the webinars at the links below.

Previous Webinars

February 21, 2024: Voting in Jail: Developing a Program to Help Eligible Incarcerated Americans
With Maysa Sitar and Scott Sussman, Moderated by Judd Choate

December 13, 2023: Artificial Intelligence and Elections
With Michael Moser, Moderated by Judd Choate

October 11, 2023: Rural Election Administration
With Cameron Wimpy and Will McLean, moderated by Judd Choate

August 16, 2023: Should U.S. Election Administration be Nonpartisan?
With Rebecca Green, Moderated by Judd Choate

June 7, 2023: Buffeted By Many Storms: The Local Election Official Experience from 2018-2022
With Paul Gronke and Paul Manson, moderated by Judd Choate

April 19, 2023: Creating a Culture of Continuous Election Auditing
With Jennifer Morrell, moderated by Judd Choate

February 8, 2023: Obstacles at Every Turn: Overcoming Barriers to Native American Voting 
With Jacqueline De León, moderated by Judd Choate. 

Dec. 15, 2022: Dealing with Election Disinformation on the Front Lines
With Karen Brinson Bell and  Nate Blumenthal, moderated by Judd Choate

Oct. 19, 2022: Mail Ballot Rejection Policies: Mitigating the Problem of Rejected Ballots
with Marc Meredith, moderated by Judd Choate

August 19, 2022Addressing Insider Threats and Protecting Election Officials: Colorado's Example
with Judd Choate

April 22, 2022: Election Accuracy: Going on the Offensive Conference
Conference hosted by the Certificate in Election Administration

March 17, 2022: Cybersecurity and Election Integrity
with David Maeda, Chris Piper, and Kim Wyman, moderated by Judd Choate

December 15, 2021: The Changing Landscape of Election Audits
with Pam Anderson and Robert Giles, moderated by Jennifer Morrell

July 8, 2021: Voter Identity Verification: Balancing Access and Integrity
with Julie Anderson and Paddy McGuire, moderated by Rachel Orey

June 4, 2021: The New Danger in Voting Legislation
with Richard L. Hasen and Michael T. Morely, moderated by Tammy Patrick

February 25, 2021: Voting: What Changed in 2020?
with Ryan Teague Beckwith, Robert Giles, Representative Wendy McKamey, and Wendy Underhill

December 16, 2020: Looking Back to Look Ahead: How 2020 May Guide the Future of Elections 
with Keesha Gaskins-Nathan, Mark Goins, Daniel Ivey-Soto, Tammy Patrick, Greg Walker, and Wendy Underhill

October 8, 2020: Front-Line Reports on Voting 
with Wendy Underhill, Judd Choate, Joseph Gloria, Ben Hovland, and Tammy Patrick

September 1, 2020: Voting in Person in the 2020 Elections 
with Matt Weil, Adrian Fontes, Sherry Poland, and Michael Winn

August 13, 2020: Election Security: Security for Whom? 
with Wendy Underhill, Matt Masterson, Jennifer Morrell, and Maurice Turner

July 14, 2020: Voting in the Time of COVID-19: Wisconsin’s Experience 
with Meagan Wolfe and Doug Chapin

June 2, 2020: Buy-in, Build on, and Brainstorm: Training and re-training staff and poll workers when your processes are changing
with Amy Wilson

May 28, 2020: Vote-by-Mail: What States Are Doing, What States Should Be Doing
with Prof. Larry Jacobs, Senator Amy Klobuchar, Tammy Patrick, Wendy Underhill and Matthew Weil

May 5, 2020: Scaling Vote-at-Home Processes for Safe & Secure Elections
with Amber McReynolds and Doug Chapin

April 8, 2020: “But we went over that in training!”: How to get your poll workers to remember and retain what you tell them
with Amy Wilson

March 5, 2020: Preparing for 2020: Election and Cybersecurity
with Secretary Steve Simon and Judd Choate

December 12, 2019: The Waiting Game: Understanding Polling Place Lines & Preparing for 2020
with Tammy Patrick and Matthew Weil

October 1, 2019: How Can DHS Help Protect My Election?
with Noah Praetz and Judd Choate

August 29, 2019: A Practical Guide to the EI- ISAC
with Judd Choate, Ben Spear, and Kateri Gill

May 29, 2019: Election Security: Preparing for 2020
with Matthew Masterson, Judd Choate, and Doug Chapin

January 9, 2018: Meet the Experts: A Look Ahead at the Spring 2018 CEA Semester
with Tammy Patrick, Dana Chisnell, Whitney Quesenbery, and Doug Chapin

December 6, 2017: Election 2017: Lessons Learned and a Look Ahead
with Doug Chapin

July 2017: America’s Changing and Embattled Election System
with Doug Chapin

October 26, 2016: The Final Countdown: Politics of the Presidential Race
with Prof. Larry Jacobs and Doug Chapin

July 2016: Election 2016: A View from Inside the Polling Place
with Doug Chapin