Non-Degree Seeking Students

If you are not an admitted student at the University of Minnesota but would like to take a public affairs class, you may register as a non-degree-seeking student at the graduate or the undergraduate level.

Should I register for graduate or undergraduate credit?

  • Take the course for graduate credit if you: 1) have a bachelor’s degree; and 2) want to apply the credits to a graduate program (now or in the future).
  • Take the course for undergraduate credit if: 1) the course is to fulfill a prerequisite for a Humphrey graduate degree; 2) if you will apply the course to an undergraduate degree; or 3) if you are taking the course for your own development (i.e. not applying credits to a degree).

How will I know when I’m registered?

An initial confirmation of registration will be sent to the e-mail address you provide on the registration request form. All subsequent communication from the University regarding your registration and course participation will be sent to your U of M email address.  

How do I pay for the course?

Payment is due in full by the first billing due date. Find the schedule for payment due dates

How much does a course cost?

2017-2018 in-state resident graduate non-degree-seeking students

  • Tuition - $1341.00 per credit
  • Collegiate fee ($250/semester for 6+ credits and $125/semester for less than 6 credits)

2017-2018 in-state resident undergraduate non-degree-seeking students

  • Tuition - $492.31 per credit (or $6400.00 for 13 or more credits)
  • Collegiate fee ($250/semester for 6+ credits and $125/semester for less than 6 credits)
  • If you previously applied to or attended the U of M as an undergraduate or graduate student and were classified as a nonresident or reciprocity state resident, you may be charged non-resident tuition. If you would like to verify your residency status, contact Kaye Anderson at 612-625-6330.

How do I register?

Search for class information:

  • Go to
  • Choose Academics > Search for classes
  • Choose the Institution (Twin Cities/Rochester), term (semester), and the subject (Public Affairs). Specify the course number if you know it. (If you do not specify a course number, indicate “Twin Cities” in Campus field.)
  • Find the course you want and note this information:
  • Course subject (PA)
    • 4-digit course number (e.g., 5105)
    • Section number (e.g. 001)
    • 5-digit class number 
    • Number of credits
    • The grading basis for which you wish to be registered

Complete registration forms:



  • Go to and print the “Registration Request for Graduate Credit” form.
  • Complete Part 1 and Part 2 of the form, using the course information noted above.
  • Leave Part 3 blank.
  • Read, sign, and date Part 4.
  • Do NOT return the form as directed on the form. Instead, return the completed form to Stacey Grimes. You may scan and e-mail it to her at or deliver the hard copy to her at 160 Humphrey School.  She will complete Part 3 and submit the form on your behalf.

Questions or problems? Contact Stacey at 612-626-1329 or

Can I register at the Twin Cities Campus if I am a student at Duluth, Crookston, or Morris?

An agreement exists among the campuses of the Twin Cities to allow students to attend another campus for one term during an academic year without losing their status at their home campus. Students admitted to the University of Minnesota's Duluth, Crookston, or Morris campuses must both register as a non-degree-seeking student (per instructions above) and also submit the "Application for Attending Another University of Minnesota Campus as a Multi-Institutional Student."


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