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Note: The price for an AV technician is $75/hour. Events in Cowles Auditorium always require an in-house AV technician. If you are unsure if you need an AV tech, reach out to [email protected] to answer all of your tech related questions for our spaces. 
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If you have any questions, please call or email us at 612-625-6598 or [email protected].

Requests made less than two weeks before the event date are subject to availability and may incur additional fees.

Our commitment to safety

The Humphrey School Conference Center is committed to providing space where community events, active debate, celebrations, and sharing diverse perspectives take place, in a safe and welcoming environment.

The University of Minnesota’s Major Events Policy requires safety plans for any event that may pose a threat to the campus or community.

It is important that we learn of any security concerns that potential events may bring so we can provide consultation for security options through the University of Minnesota and external vendors. Waived and reduced security costs are available for eligible nonprofit and University-based organizations.

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