Events and Engagement

Through public events, the Gender Policy Report blog, community partnerships, and support of student groups, the Center strengthens relationships to connect research to practice and advance meaningful change.  

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The Gender Policy Report

The Gender Policy Report offers diverse perspectives on how public policy matters for gender equality across a range of issues, from criminal justice to education to immigration. Through an active blog and social media presence, we seek to improve public discourse and inform policy debates on issues with national relevance. Our mission is to take the best insights from scholarship and research and make them accessible to the public in a way that is timely for addressing serious policy challenges. 

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Annual International Women’s Day Celebration

Each year, the Center leads the Humphrey School’s celebration of International Women’s Day (March 8) in collaboration with University and community partners. Recent themes have included “Indigenous Women Have Always Been Leaders” and “From Seeds to Movements: Feminist Leadership in Climate Justice.” Learn more and get involved.

Gender, Sex, and Policy Event Committee (GSPEC)

The Center supports this student-led Humphrey School committee that sponsors events focused on gender and sexuality-related issues and their intersection with public policy. Visit the GSPEC website for more information and follow GSPEC on Facebook for regular updates and event notices.