Support Our Students

There are many ways for you to support our students—the next generation of public affairs leaders—from recruitment to employment. Your financial support could mean the opportunity for a student to start or complete his or her degree and your time could provide a student with the opportunities they need to grow their professional network as they enter their career.

Help Recruit Students

Meet with admitted students in your region or country to give them a personal perspective on the Humphrey School.

Sponsor an Internship

Providing an internship for a Humphrey student is a win-win proposition: your organization gets professional expertise for a research project, program evaluation, or other project, while the student gets the opportunity to see firsthand how coursework can be applied in a work setting. Internships can be paid or unpaid, full time (during the summer) or part time (during the academic year). Find out more about how to develop an effective internship and hire a Humphrey School intern.

Make a Gift

A gift to the Humphrey School is an investment in what is at the very core of the School—a commitment to the common good. Your contribution can support the Humphrey Alumni Scholarship or other student scholarship funds.

  • Humphrey Alumni Scholarships (HAS) are supported by alumni and are awarded annually to students. The fund is an opportunity for alumni to contribute to student scholarship support at the Humphrey School.
  • In addition to the HAS, there are more than 32 named fellowship and scholarship funds at the Humphrey School. Find out how to fund and support the Humphrey School.