Course Substitutions

A course substitution is different from a waiver and involves a decision that a student may take a course at the Humphrey School, the University of Minnesota, or another institution and substitute it for a core or concentration requirement. In general, substitutions are not allowed. Humphrey School students are required to complete all degree requirements, including all required core and concentration courses, except those requirements that have been waived. An example of circumstances warranting a substitution might be when a student who is working or in the military is transferred to another location and special arrangements are made for the student to complete requirements at another institution. Reasons like conflicts in scheduling because of other commitments generally are not acceptable reasons for substitutions. In the event a required core course will not be offered during an academic year, the Humphrey School will designate a substitute for the course.

The process for requesting a substitution is analogous to the process for obtaining a waiver, but there is no specific form because the granting of substitutions is extremely rare and involves unique circumstances. To request a substitution, the student shall first discuss the proposed substitution with their faculty advisor. The student shall provide a copy of the syllabi for the required course and the proposed substitution. The faculty advisor may choose to refer the student to an instructor of the course for which the substitution will be made or to the degree program director to obtain additional information and confirmation of the equivalency of course content. After obtaining a signature of approval from the faculty advisor, the student shall take the written evidence of approval to the Humphrey Career and Student Success Office, where it will be forwarded to the Director of Graduate Studies or Associate Dean for final approval.