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Want to learn more about the worlds of public policy, civic engagement, and public affairs as an undergrad? Check out our undergraduate course offerings below! Full course information can be found in Class Search.

Fall 2024 Undergraduate Courses

Course ID Course Name Instructor Credits
PA 1401-001 Public Affairs: Community Organizing Skills for Public Action Dennis Donovan 3
PA 3002-001 Basic Methods of Policy Analysis Julie Marzec 3
PA 3003-001 Nonprofit and Public Financial Management Haiyue Jiang 3
PA 3969-001 Survey of Election Administration Neal Kelley 3
PA 3976-001 Voter Participation Regina Roberts 1
PA 3985-001 Physical Election Security Jennifer Morrell 2
PA 4101-001 Nonprofit Management and Governance Kabo Yang 3
PA 4200-001 Urban and Regional Planning Frank Douma 3