In the Media

This story mentioned a Humphrey School study showing that two-thirds of undocumented Hispanic immigrants drive to work, even without a driver's license. The study says public safety would improve if they went through driver's education and testing to receive a license. 

Star Tribune
January 10, 2023

Associate Dean Ryan Allen is interviewed for this story on a bill in the Legislature to allow undocumented immigrants  to apply for driver's licenses. Allen's research into the subject shows that about two-thirds of undocumented immigrants that work are driving to their jobs, even without licenses. 

WJON radio, St. Cloud
January 10, 2023

Professor Larry Jacobs was interviewed for this story on the role of U.S. Rep. Tom Emmer, a Minnesota Republican, whose main job as the House Majority Whip is to line up the votes needed by Rep. Kevin McCarthy in his bid to become House Speaker.  

January 6, 2023

In this story, Research Fellow Eric Ostermeier provided an interesting tidbit about former President George H.W. Bush and his obsession with mentioning broccoli in many of his speeches—about 70 times during his presidency. "He absolutely hated [broccoli], and the media loved that he hated it."

Mental Floss
January 6, 2023

Dean Nisha Botchwey was featured in this list of Minnesota women who are working toward a more kind, just, and inclusive world.

Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine
December 18, 2022