In the Media

Professor Larry Jacobs was interviewed for this editorial that criticizes leading Republican Party leaders for attacking the legitimacy of government institutions.
Star Tribune
August 11, 2023

Coverage of new research by Assistant Professor Heather Randell, which quantifies for the first time the amount of tribal land flooded by dam construction in the United States over the past decades. "There was a lot of immediate trauma caused by the flooding, and many long-term impacts for tribal members that continue today," said Randell. 

The Guardian
August 9, 2023

Professor Greg Lindsey was interviewed for this story about the expected increase in e-bikes due to a new state rebate program, and the questions that will arise about adding e-bikes into the current mix of traffic with cars, pedestrians and normal bicycles.

MN Daily
August 3, 2023
Professor Larry Jacobs is quoted in this story on US Rep. Dean Phillips's potential to run for president, challenging incumbent Joe Biden in the Democratic primary.
August 1, 2023

"It’s a vicious cycle," Professor Yingling Fan said in this story about why many transit systems around the country are in fiscal crisis. "If we have fewer riders, it’s difficult to justify significant public investment in that system."

July 25, 2023

A commentary tied to the 75th anniversary of Hubert Humphrey's civil rights speech at the 1948 Democratic National Convention, arguing that Humphrey's political success as mayor, U.S. senator and vice president was tied to his empathy toward others who faced difficult circumstances.

Star Tribune
July 22, 2023