Duluth Tribal Administration and Tribal Stewardship Course Highlights

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Spring 2024 Duluth Tribal Administration and Tribal Stewardship

Course ID Course Name Instructor Credits
MTAG 5120-001 Principles of Tribal Sovereignty II Joseph Bauerkemper 3
MTAG 5220-001 Administration and Governance II (Operations) Rebecca Webster 3
MTAG 5240-001 Advanced Tribal Administration and Governance II (Project) Joseph Bauerkemper 3
MTAG 5320-080 Applied Leadership and Ethics in an Indigenous Organizational Context Breann Clark 3
MTAG 5440-001 Tribal Finance, Accounting and Budgets II Linda Bedeau 3
MTAG 5540-001 Federal Indian Law II Philomena Kebec 3
TRES 5102-001 Tribal Natural Resource Program Management 2 Douglas Thompson 3
TRES 5201-001 Integrated Ecosystems Stewardship 1 Wendy Todd 3
TRES 5301-080 Tribal Natural Resource Economics Douglas Thompson 3

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Registering for Duluth Tribal Administration (MTAG) and Tribal Stewardship (TRES) Courses

The Duluth campus MTAG and TRES classes meet via Zoom five times during the semester with interactive Canvas assignments and other materials/activities between the sessions. Course descriptions and information about scheduling is available in Schedule Builder. (Select Duluth as the campus option, choose Fall 2023 as the term, and enter MTAG and/or TRES in the search box. Click on Show Sections to see schedule and instructor name.) The prerequisites will be waived but Humphrey School students who want to register for MTAG or TRES courses will need to contact the instructor for a permission number. Register for these Duluth campus classes using the Multi-Institution Enrollment form.

The following Post-Baccalaureate Certificates are offered:

For more details about these post-baccalaureate certificates, please contact Joseph Bauerkemper at [email protected].

To register for these Duluth classes, follow the steps at Multi-Institution Enrollment. The Humphrey School Admissions office can advise on how Humphrey School merit aid might be affected. You may want to consult One Stop regarding possible effects on grants, loans, and non-Humphrey School scholarships. You may contact Stacey Grimes ([email protected]) if you have questions about this process.