New or Returning Instructors Course Highlights

Fall 2024 New or Returning Instructors

Course ID Course Name Instructor Credits
PA 5021-004 Microeconomics for Policy Analysis Caroline Krafft 3
PA 5081-001 Understanding Power and Teamwork in Public Affairs Education Nisha Botchwey & Dr. L Katie OConnell 1
PA 5290-001 Twin Cities Regional Planning Myron Orfield 3
PA 5290-002 The Future of Urban Spaces: Applying Artificial Intelligence in City Planning Dr. L Katie OConnell 1.5
PA 5311-001 Program Evaluation Kayla Meyers 3
PA 5422-001 Diversity and Public Policy David Stanton 3
PA 5501-001 Theories and Policies of Development Caroline Krafft 3
PA 5990-001 Intro to Artificial Intelligence Ethics & Issues Ren Bin Lee Dixon 1.5