New or Returning Instructors Course Highlights

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Spring 2024 New or Returning Instructors

Course ID Course Name Instructor Credits
PA 5003-001 Introduction to Financial Analysis and Management Jumana Schmuhl 1.5
PA 5123-001 Philanthropy in America: History, Practice, and Trends Anita Patel 1.5
PA 5290-003 AI for City and Regional Planning Katie O'Connell 0.5
PA 5311-001 Program Evaluation Katrina Heimark 3
PA 5405-001 Public Policy Implementation Brandi Blessett 3
PA 5531-001 Global Sustainable Development in Practice Heather Randell 3
PA 5790-001 Geopolitics & Governance of the Energy Transition Daniel Scholten 3
PA 5801-001 Global Public Policy Brigitte Seim 3
PA 5805-001 Global Economics Bradley McDonald 3
PA 5890-001 Human Rights, Business, and Governance Tricia Olsen 3
PA 5890-003 Global Indigenous Politics and Policy Sheryl Lightfoot 3
PA 5933-001 Survey Methods: Designing Effective Questionnaires Katrina Heimark 2