Internship Documentation Process

The Master of Human Rights (MHR), Master of Public Policy (MPP), and Master of Urban and Regional Planning (MURP) degrees require a noncredit, 400-hour internship experience as part of the degree program. To count toward your requirement, you must document your internship by using the online internship forms process.


Follow this link to register your internship prior to starting it by submitting the internship organization's name and address, supervisor's name and contact information, and start and end dates of the internship.


As prompted (via email), fill out the internship agreement form in conjunction with your supervisor. The internship agreement form lays out all of the goals and conditions of the internship. Upon approval by the School, the student and the internship supervisor will receive copies of the agreement by email.


When your internship ends, you and your supervisor will be prompted (via email) to complete and submit evaluations. The student evaluation form provides feedback for the School and allows for reflection on the part of the student. The supervisor evaluation form provides feedback for both the student and the School. You can review your supervisor's evaluation on request.