Humphrey School Equity and Inclusion Council Conversation

October 17, 2023

The Humphrey School of Public Affairs' Equity Inclusion Council (EIC) cordially invites you to a CommUnity Talks facilitated dialogue in response to the Amy Coney Barrett lecture hosted by the University of Minnesota Law School on Monday, October 16. This event is designed to highlight key insights from the lecture, encourage the sharing of reflections, and fortify our community bonds. 

You do not need to have attended the Amy Coney Barrett lecture to participate fully.

we encourage you to register at your earliest convenience through this link. Please make sure your registration is complete by Wednesday, October 18.

CommUnity Talks was created by Yasin Williams, MPP '23, to facilitate community dialogues centered on pressing public affairs. Through CommUnity Talks, the power of varied perspectives and open discourse is celebrated, fostering a sense of community connection. This forum transforms individual insights into collective consciousness, culminating in new considerations, possibilities, or actionable steps. Sessions progress from personal reflections to broader community implications and are often led by an impartial facilitator to ensure focused and productive discussions. CommUnity Talks serves as a reminder of the power, strength, and unity inherent in our shared values.  

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