Nate Parsons, MPP '19

March 3, 2023


Nate Parsons, MPP '19

Nate Parsons, MPP '19 serves as the Communications Planning and Outreach Lead with the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP). In this role, he advises OSTP, and particularly the President’s Science Advisor and Director of OSTP, on communications, messaging, and public engagement strategy. Nate recently took time to respond to five questions about his experience as a student at the Humphrey School.

If you recall, where did you complete your internship, practicum, or summer work experience?

Stimson Center in Washington, DC

How did you decide to choose the Humphrey School to study public policy?

My previous work experience as a paralegal assisting people on their immigration journey, as well as being a tutor and working at nonprofit organizations. I knew I wanted to help create circumstance for people to grow their lives.

My best advice for a future or current Humphrey student is...

Believe in your ability - there are plenty of obstacles to doing this work, and your faith in yourself should not be one of them.

What are six words you would use to describe your experience as a Humphrey student or public affairs professional.

Supportive, challenging, enriching, multifaceted, valuable, community-oriented

What is one skill you use daily you learned/developed as a Humphrey School student?