Humphrey Students of Color Association Leadership

February 2, 2022
Photo images of Humphrey Students of Color leadership
Humphrey Students of Color Leadership

Hello Humphrey community!

We are excited to announce the leadership of the Humphrey Students of Color Association (HSOCA)!  Clockwise, from the upper left corner, we are:
Avram D. Scarlett, MPP/MBA, President
Christina Luna, MPP, Secretary
Angela Myers Morales, MHR, Community Outreach Chair
Yasin Williams, MPP, Student Coalition Chair
Chandra Her, MS-STEP, Public Relations Officer
Please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected], we are really excited to continue to grow Humphrey as a welcoming community for all students and to share experiences. 
Continue to watch this space for exciting spring and summer engagement opportunities presented by HSCOA.  We look forward to seeing you!