Our Work

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Our Vision

The Center for Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy is focused on identifying and solving emerging energy and environmental issues; fostering interdisciplinary and community-engaged research to address socio-economic inequality, and preparing future leaders in the energy, environmental, and policy arenas.

The Center provides a platform for students and researchers to build and maintain collaborations, gain skills in engagement, and facilitate externships; coordinating with the priorities of historically under-resourced organizations and communities; and aligning with the Humphrey School’s Equity and Inclusion Strategy and Implementation Plan.


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Environmental Justice

CSTEP researchers are investigating how investments in urban nature contribute to wealth inequality as part of the Minneapolis-St.Paul Metro Area Long Term Ecological Research Program and the CREATE Initiative.


CSTEP is partnering with the Energy Efficiency Peer Learning Cohort to develop research partnerships on culturally appropriate energy efficiency pilots in the Twin Cities.

CSTEP is a founding partner of the Electric Cooperative Innovation Center, a multi-university platform for engaged research on the energy transition in collaboration with rural electric cooperatives.

Food and Agriculture

Using tools from systems analysis, CSTEP researchers contribute to an understanding of the tradeoffs embedded in food systems and how policy, infrastructure, and consumer behavior interact to shape future agricultural landscapes.

Water Resources

CSTEP researchers partner with state agencies, municipalities, regional planning authorities and legislative committees to promote more efficient and equitable water policies through improved benefit cost analysis.

Climate Change

The Advancing Climate Solutions. Now. Policy Series is geared to mobilize civic engagement on an ongoing basis, year round. Elements include high-profile public lectures featuring world-renowned climate experts and champions, policy-focused student internships and research initiatives, and a focus on climate justice.


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