Varshney Co-Authors Paper on Early Childhood Benefits
May 25, 2022

PhD student Nishank Varshney, along with Professors Judy Temple and Arthur Reynolds, published the paper, Early Education and Adult Health: Age 37 Impacts and Economic Benefits of the Child-Parent Center Preschool Program, in the Journal of Benefit-Cost Analysis.

This article evaluates the long-term impacts of the Chicago Child-Parent Centers (CPC), a comprehensive early childhood program launched in the 1960s, on physical and mental health outcomes. This study follows a cohort of 1539 participants born in 1979–1980 and surveyed most recently at age 35–37. 

The results reveal that CPC preschool participation is associated with significantly lower rates of adverse health outcomes such as smoking and diabetes. Additionally, the health benefits of the program by themselves offset the costs of the program, even without considering additional benefits arising from increased educational attainment and reduced involvement in crime, which have been reported in earlier cost-benefit analyses.