Judy Temple

child and family policy; cost-benefit analysis; economic policy; education; program evaluation

Judy Temple is a public economist teaching in the social policy analysis area. She currently is the director of the University’s graduate certificate program in Early Childhood Policy. Temple’s research activities involve collaborations with other faculty and students working with the Human Capital Research Collaborative. Her recent research focuses on economic evaluation of the longer-term effects of early educational interventions. She is a co-principal investigator on a project involving the Chicago Longitudinal Study, which follows over 1,200 students from low-income neighborhoods into adulthood. She also is a co-PI on the Midwest Expansion of the Child-Parent Centers, a project funded with a five-year I3 (Investing in Innovation) grant from the U.S. Department of Education. The Midwest Expansion scales up the Child-Parent Center program by expanding it to Saint Paul and several other locations.

Temple has recently co-authored several publications on the use of social impact financing to expand promising cost-effective preventative interventions. With social impact financing, private investors pay state or local governments to expand social services such as programs to prevent recidivism, early childhood education, and job training. If these programs are successful in generating public cost savings, these cost savings are used to pay back the private investors. Some of her recent work in this area is forthcoming in the Journal of Benefit-Cost Analysis. She recently co-authored a report for the Nonprofits Assistance Fund describing Minnesota’s recent experiences with a Pay for Performance social impact bond initiative.

Before arriving at the Humphrey School in 2006, Temple was an associate professor of economics at Northern Illinois University, where she taught and conducted research in public economics including state and local finance and policy evaluation. Temple also has taught at the LaFollette Institute of Public Affairs at UW-Madison.

Judy Temple has a doctorate in economics from Michigan State University and an undergraduate degree from UW-Madison. She has been a National Academy of Education/ Spencer Foundation postdoctoral fellow.

Selected Recent Publications

Temple, Judy A. and Arthur J. Reynolds (2015) Using cost-benefit analysis to scale up early childhood programs through Pay for Success financing, Journal of Benefit-Cost Analysis, vol. 6, pp. 628-653.

Temple, Judy A., Maria Victoria Punay, Kate Barr and Allison Wagstrom (2015) Pay-for-Performance Financing to Expand Cost-Effective Social Services: Lessons learned in Minnesota. Nonprofits Assistance Fund, Minneapolis, MN.

Temple, Judy A. and Arthur J. Reynolds (forthcoming) New Developments in the Economics of Prevention: Social Impact Borrowing to Finance Cost-Effective Interventions. Israelashivili and Romano, eds. Cambridge Handbook of International Prevention Science. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge UK.

Temple, Judy A. and Arthur J. Reynolds. 2015. Using social impact borrowing to expand preschool to third grade programs in urban public schools, Journal of Education for Students Placed At Risk, vol. 20. (Academic login required)

Reynolds, Arthur J., Arthur J. Rolnick, and Judy A. Temple (editors) 2015. Health and Education in Early Childhood. NY: Cambridge University Press.

In The Media

Professor Judy Temple and Senior Fellow Art Rolnick are quoted in this story looking at the debate over funding models for early childhood education.

May 17, 2019

This story explains how research by Humphrey School students is aiding in dialogue regarding support for social programs in Minnesota. Students Aditi Kadam, Jared Swanson, Kyle Kretschman, Min Lee, and Nishank Varshney conducted the research for their capstone project, and Professor Judy Temple was their advisor. 

MN Daily
July 2, 2018