Urban Planning Researchers Publish Paper on Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety
November 11, 2021

PhD candidate Tao Tao, Professor Greg Lindsey, Professor Jason Cao, and recent alum Dr. Jueyu Wang recently published the paper, “The Effects of Pedestrian and Bicycle Exposure on Crash Risk in Minneapolis” in the Journal of Transport and Land Use.

Tao and his co-authors examined the effects of pedestrian and bicycle exposure variables on crash risk in the city of Minneapolis. They found that including the two exposure variables improves model validity and fit, and produces more accurate predictions of pedestrian and bicycle crash risk. 

Furthermore, their inclusion changes the distribution of high-risk locations and the proportion of high-risk locations in low-income and racially-concentrated areas. These results confirm the importance of incorporating exposure measures in safety performance functions, and the need for pedestrian and bicycle monitoring programs to generate exposure data.