Tricia Olsen Publishes New Book on Corporate Social Responsibility
November 19, 2023

Professor Tricia Olsen authored a new book, Seeking Justice: Access to Remedy for Corporate Human Rights Abuse, which was published recently by Cambridge University Press. The book challenges traditional governance gap narratives, and uses original data to explore victims’ experiences in seeking remedy mechanisms for corporate human rights abuse. The book grapples with tough, timely questions about the perceived tradeoffs associated with economic growth and human dignity.  

Olsen also co-authored an article published in the World Development journal, “Can CSR (corporate social responsibility) strategy mediate conflict over extraction? Evidence from two mines in Peru,” and a related piece for the New America Foundation, “Escaping the Dirty Side of Clean Energy?”  

Both pieces examine how state and non-state actors can mitigate the “resource curse,” the condition often faced by resource-rich countries that also experience clientelism, corruption, violence, and meager economic development.