PhD Candidate Shuyi Deng Wins ARNOVA Best Paper Award
September 10, 2023

Doctoral candidate Shuyi Deng has received the 2022 ARNOVA Best Conference Paper Award for "The Cost of Color? Race-conscious Mission Statements and Nonprofit Funding." 

The paper examines the topic of racial disparities in the nonprofit sector. By examining the relationship between nonprofits with race-conscious missions and their funding outcomes, this paper illuminates the challenges faced by nonprofits that prioritize racial equity when endeavoring to secure financial support. It underscores the necessity of recognizing and addressing structural barriers within the nonprofit sector that both reflect and contribute to ongoing racial disparities.

The awards committee cited the paper for its “outstanding contribution to nonprofit research, focusing on the timely and understudied topic of racial disparities in the nonprofit sector.” Shuyi will receive the award at this year's ARNOVA conference in November.