Mukhopadhyay Publishes New Book on Syria
September 1, 2023

Associate Professor Dipali Mukhopadhyay is co-author of a new book, Good Rebel Governance: Revolutionary Politics and Western Intervention in Syria, published by Cambridge University Press. 

Abstract: When a revolutionary uprising erupted in Syria during the spring of 2011, pockets of local resistance and the nascent institutions therein transformed into clusters of rudimentary participatory politics and service delivery. Despite the collective fatigue induced by the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the United States and its allies embarked on an effort to encourage liberal, democratic politics amid the Syrian conflict. As a result, the project of “good rebel governance” became the latest attempt at Western democracy promotion. 

This book moves the scholarship on insurgent rule forward by considering how governing authority arises and evolves during violent conflict, and whether particular institutions of insurgent rule can be cultivated through foreign intervention. In so doing, the book not only theorizes about the nature of authoritative rebel governance but also tests the long-standing precepts that have undergirded Western promotion of democracy abroad.