Joint Humphrey School, LBJ School Study Community Support for Energy Transition
October 25, 2022

New research conducted jointly by experts at the University of Texas at Austin’s LBJ School of Public Affairs and the Humphrey School of Public Affairs concludes that advancing the energy transition from fossil fuels to renewables in the United States will require more involvement from community-based organizations (CBOs) like local chambers of commerce, community service centers, and community foundations.

Their paper, "The grassroots are always greener: Community-based organizations as innovators of shared solar energy in the United States," was published in Energy Research & Social Science journal.

It indicates that community organizations have qualities—such as mission-driven frameworks and the leverage to convene and provide information to large groups of people—that give them a unique ability to facilitate the energy transition, if policymakers provide the right resources. Their community-based goals can help advance society-wide goals for decarbonization.

Matt Grimley, a research fellow at the Humphrey School , is the study’s lead author. Other collaborators from the School are Associate Professor Gabe Chan and alumna Erica Blevins (MS–STEP ’21).