Bryson Publishes Paper on Strategy Management for Policy Makers
January 18, 2023

A report by Professor Emeritus John Bryson, laying out a new strategy management approach to address major public policy challenges, has been published by the IBM Center for the Business of Government. 

The report, titled "Addressing Complex and Cross-Boundary Challenges in Government: The Value of Strategy Mapping," recognizes the difficult public policy issues facing government leaders, including the pandemic, economic disruptions, homelessness, and disasters—both natural and manmade. Addressing these challenges effectively requires collaboration among multiple organizations.

The report describes strategy management-at-scale, an approach to enable planning that addresses the major challenges facing governments at all levels.

Integral to this approach is the use of collaborative strategy mapping—an invaluable leadership and management method to foster direction, alignment, and commitment. Strategy mapping helps leaders understand needed system changes, and to articulate needed interventions. Strategy mapping helps users visualize the cause-and-effect chains in a system and the actions that can be taken to introduce reforms—linking aspirations with capabilities.