Executive Council

The Executive Council is an elected representative group of Humphrey School faculty, students, and staff. It has responsibility for all matters not otherwise under the authority of the Dean or the Humphrey School Graduate Faculty, including policies and practices relating to school administration, human resources, community engagement, and finance.

Executive Council membership:
Brian Gjerde, CS representative, Chair (2018–2020)
Laura Bloomberg, Dean and faculty representative
Greta Friedemann-Sánchez, faculty representative (2019–2022)
Maria Hanratty, faculty representative (2018–2021)
Angela Fertig, faculty representative (2019–2022)
Bryan Bradford, P&A representative (2019–2022)
Steph Hallgren, PASA President
Sherlonda Clarke, Admissions Director, ex officio
Keith Hovis, Communications Director, ex officio
Mark Erickson, Finance Director, ex officio
Gwendolyn Freed, Development Director, ex officio
Gayle Peters, HR Director, ex officio
Diana Beck, Academic Programs Director, ex officio
Kate Conners, Academic and Information Technology Director, ex officio
Carissa Slotterback, Associate Dean, ex officio
Tonisha White, staff