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Currently reviewing PhD applicants


    Dr. Bonnie Keeler is an Associate Professor at the University of Minnesota’s Hubert H. Humphrey School of Public Affairs where she co-directs the Center for Science, Technology and Environmental Policy. She is a McKnight University Professor, Earth Leadership Fellow, and Fellow of the Institute on the Environment. Keeler earned her PhD in Natural Resources with a focus on Economics, Society, Policy, and Management from the University of Minnesota. 

    Keeler is the principal investigator of the Great Lakes Technical Assistance Center, an initiative to provide technical assistance and capacity building to remote, rural, and disadvantaged communities in EPA Region 5. Keeler co-leads the CREATE Initiative, a community-engaged research project that aims to leverage the resources of the research university in service to the needs and priorities of community organizations in urban watersheds. Keeler also directs the Beyond the Academy network - a coalition of university leaders in the US, UK, and Canada seeking to reform academic models to promote actionable, engaged scholarship on sustainability. 

    Keeler currently serves on the subcommittee for social and community science as part of the Environmental Protection Agencies Board of Scientific Counselors. She previously served as a member of the External-Environmental Economics Advisory Committee from 2019-2020. She is a frequent advisor on state and regional-level water planning, working closely with the Minnesota’s Environmental Quality Board, Department of Health, Pollution Control Agency, Department of Natural Resources, Board of Soil and Water Resources, Metropolitan Council, and Clean Water Council.


    PhD in Natural Resources (University of Minnesota, 2013)

    MS in Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior (University of Minnesota, 2007)

    BA in Biology (Colorado College, 2001)

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