CWGPP Research: Pandemic's Effect on Labor Shortage Among Healthcare Workers
December 6, 2022

A study led by the Center on Women, Gender, and Public Policy finds that low-wage healthcare workers are leaving the profession at higher rates than before the pandemic, resulting in labor shortages and heavy workloads that are affecting the quality of care. 

Healthcare workers such as nursing assistants, home and personal care aides provide essential hands-on care for older and disabled people. They have been on the front lines of caring for COVID-19 patients and patients at high risk of COVID mortality, often without adequate personal protective equipment, and working for low wages. 

The report, "Essential and Exiting: COVID-19's Impact on Low-Wage Healthcare Workers," recommends swift action by policymakers to attract and sustain direct care workers in this critical sector, to raise wages, and to create greater opportunities for advancement without further burdening workers.