Graduate Minors

Graduate Minors at the Humphrey School

Humphrey School graduate minors consist of at least 9 credits in 5xxx or 8xxx Public Affairs courses. Up to 3 credits may be taken on an S/N grade basis. All other courses must be completed with grades of B or better. Specific coursework is chosen in consultation with the student's minor advisor or director of graduate studies for the associated degree program. Students are required to take a minimum of 3 credits from those required in the degree program with which the minor is affiliated. For students pursuing doctorates, a minimum of 12 credits must be completed in the minor field or supporting program. Interested in pursuing a graduate minor? Email Student Services.

Graduate Minors throughout the University

Many other degree programs throughout the University offer minors that can be pursued by public policy and planning students. For further information about the availability of and requirements for a minor in a specific degree program, see the degree program descriptions in the Graduate School Catalog. Some minors are not associated with a major. These minors are listed in the Minors Only section of the Graduate School Catalog.