Proposal for Student-Community Partnership

Individual responsible for the proposed project
Include information such as: a brief overview of the issue that the proposed project will address, an explanation of your organization’s mission, specific skills that may be needed, specific activities that the student’s may need to engage in, stakeholders in the project, etc.
Please attach additional information if necessary.
One file only.
256 MB limit.
Allowed types:  txt, pdf, doc, docx.
List up to four options of deliverable for this project
Will researchers be interacting with vulnerable subjects? Are expenses covered? Will students need to gain access to restricted information? Will students need to make preparations for international travel? Are there deadlines or timing issues that students and faculty should be aware of?
How will you determine the success of the project or partnership and the students’ deliverables?
Identify who will see the final report and how they will use it.
If you have been in communication with anyone, please list their names here.