Smaby Peacebuilding Symposium: Healing, Empowerment, Communication, and Accountability

East and West Banks of UMN
June 25, 2021 - 8:30 am CDT
- 5:30 pm
Virtual Event
This two-day symposium, hosted by the Humphrey School of Public Affairs and its International Fellows and Scholars program, brings together practitioners and organizers around the world to share stories, activities, and frameworks centered around peacebuilding.

Multiple, overlapping crises have amplified violence and despair in communities across the globe: police violence, environmental destruction, domestic violence, censorship, and considerable gaps in providing basic needs such as health care, food, shelter, and education. Building a just and peaceful society depends on contending with all of these issues and more. Despite daunting challenges, communities worldwide are rethinking ways of building peace in diverse and creative ways.

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Locally focused and culturally relevant efforts led by both individuals and organizations are growing in order to heal trauma, lift voices, and craft skillful interventions. This symposium brings together practitioners and organizers from around the world to share their stories and give participants a sense of the wide range of peacebuilding activities and frameworks that have emerged from diverse localities. Through a mix of talks, panel discussions, and small dialogue groups and workshops, participants will explore different ways of thinking about peacebuilding and applying ideas to their own communities. This conference is made possible by generous support from the Smaby Family Foundation.

Note: If attending the symposium on both days (June 24 and 25), you will only need to register once to attend.