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Areas of Expertise
Area of Study: Public Policy Analysis and Public Administration

    Ms. Sri Mulyani is a public officer at the National Board for the Placement and Protection of Indonesian migrant workers. She has 21 years of experience in the placement and protection of Indonesian Migrant Workers. Ms. Mulyani received her Bachelor of Social Sciences from Jenderal Soedirman University, and her Master’s degree in Human Resources Management from Krisnadwipayana University. As Head of Program and Budgeting at the Bureau of Planning, she oversees planning and budgeting for regional offices in 23 provinces in Indonesia. During her fellowship year, Ms. Mulyani wants to plans to improve her skills in strategic management planning for public and nonprofit organizations, program evaluation in public policy, and program delivery for public or nonprofit organizations. After completion of the program, Ms. Mulyani intends to implement a plan to improve empowerment programs and provide better public services for Indonesian migrant workers.