Sheela Rani
Administrative Service, Joint Managing Director
Currently reviewing Ph.D. applicants

    She has worked in various capacities in government and is presently the joint Managing Director of the Tamil Nadu Civil Services Corporation. She was the District Magistrate of Madras and Padukottai. As District Magistrate of Pudukottai she made headlines in the press through success of her literacy programs. Around 200,000 people were made literate in a massive program involving 25,000 volunteers. This pioneering effort has been acclaimed as a success story in the field of women's employment. She was given the "Woman of the year" award for Education by the International Woman's Association. She has produced videos on literacy and gender issues. She regularly appears on television and contributes articles and stories to national news papers in India. She has a master's degree in Economics from Madras University. Ms. Chunkath's focus as a Humphrey fellow will be on human resource management, leadership roles for women, gender issues and employment in the private sectors of agro-business and tourism.