Portrait of Raihana Zeerak
Research Associate
230-57 Humphrey School


    Raihana Zeerak is a research associate at the Institute for Urban and Regional Infrastructure Finance (IURIF), where she is engaged in applied research in public policy, public management, and finance. In this role, she is involved in the institute’s several research projects on budgeting practices and economic impacts of infrastructure investment, particularly intergovernmental fiscal arrangements in highway and transit projects. Raihana holds a master’s degree in Public Policy from the University of Minnesota and a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Pune, India.

    She has extensive experience working with government and non-governmental organizations both in the U.S. and her home country, Afghanistan. Prior to joining IURIF, Raihana worked for the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE), the DC-based think tank, Stimson Center, and served as a diplomat for Afghanistan. Through years of work in public service and her academic experience, Raihana has acquired experience in qualitative and quantitative research and analysis in the areas of public policy, economic development, and program evaluation.