Portrait of Peter Hendee Brown
Adjunct Faculty
Urban and Regional Planning Area

    Peter Hendee Brown is a licensed architect and certified planner and over the past 30 years has worked in architecture, government administration, real estate development, and as an independent consultant, serving in the roles of architect, owner, developer, and owner’s representative. He has worked for public, private, and nonprofit clients.

    His research is focused on understanding urban redevelopment projects from many perspectives, including those of the city official, politician, planner, property owner, developer, user, and neighbor. His first book, America’s Waterfront Revival (Penn Press, 2009), received critical acclaim and reinforced his reputation as an expert on public authorities, waterfront redevelopment, and urban redevelopment generally.

    His book, How Real Estate Developers Think (Penn Press, 2015), sheds new light on real estate developers as people and will help members of the community better understand what these entrepreneurial city builders do and why they do it. He teaches graduate level courses in private sector real estate development, urban design theory, site planning, and urban design methods.