Ariza Ramírez
Currently reviewing Ph.D. applicants
Areas of Expertise
Area of Study: Public Policy Analysis & Public Administration

    Ms. Ariza Ramírez is an economist at the National University of Colombia (NUC). She holds a master's degree in Economics Science from NUC with an emphasis on theory and economic policy. Ms. Ariza Ramírez is an expert in the design, execution, monitoring and evaluation of public policies, especially in the education sector, training for work, and employment. She has led the construction of the regulatory and public policy framework of the sectors of work and education over the past 12 years. Ms. Ariza Ramírez served as an independent consultant and Deputy Minister of Higher Education from 2014 to 2016. She has also held management positions in public institutions in Colombia, including the National Apprenticeship Service, Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Social Protection and the National Planning Department. Ms. Ariza Ramírez believes that access to quality education for children and young people is the only way to achieve social cohesion.