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    Mr. Uckuyu is a Senior Administrative Inspector at the Ministry of the Interior in Turkey. In this capacity, he evaluates human rights practices, standards of basic health services, compulsory education, and local institutions’ effects on the environment as part of inspecting local governorships. He inspects all bodies (such as governorships, municipalities, police, gendarmerie) under the Ministry of Interior and investigates allegations and complaints about their personnel on behalf of Minister. He is also a Resident Twinning Advisor-Counter Part and Coordinator for European Union Projects on human rights and political criteria. Mr. Uckuyu holds a master’s degree in Security Management and Strategies from the Institute of the Security Science, a master’s degree in Public Administration from the Institute of Middle East and Turkey of Public Administration, and a bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the University of Ankara in Turkey. As a new Humphrey Fellow, he is interested in learning the U.S. perspective on human rights, civilian oversight, the prevention of torture and ill-treatment, the prevention of domestic violence, and the protection of threatened people.