Currently reviewing Ph.D. applicants

    Mr. Mitter Sain has worked in a number of departments and ministries and handled a diverse portfolio of technical, legal, and administrative functions in his 22 years of service to the Government of India.  In the Ministry of Water Resources he developed mathematical and statistical models for peak reservoir capacity, water availability, risk analysis, dam safety, flood prediction, etc.  He has served in various ministries including the Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Statistics  He currently serves as Deputy Secretary and Director of the Central Vigilance Commission where he conducts vigilance inquiries and investigations of Government officials. He received a master’s degree in mathematical science and statistics from the University of Delhi. During his fellowship year, Mr. Sain will pursue a master’s of public affairs degree with focus on human resource management, public policy formulation, service delivery systems, and international cooperation on the issues of social health, environment, poverty, economics, and economic conflict resolution.