Currently reviewing Ph.D. applicants
Areas of Expertise
Area of Study: Law and Human Rights – Refugee Policies; Child Protection

    Ms. Bahgat has over nine years of experience in the field of socioeconomic development, humanitarian work and refugee services. Prior to the start of her fellowship year she worked with Save the Children-Egypt, focusing on child protection and youth and adolescent development. Ms. Bahgat is also an emerging short story author and blogger. Her work has appeared in various publications, including The Huffington Post and Arab Spring Dreams: The Next Generation Speaks out for Freedom and Justice. In 2009, Ms. Bahgat was awarded The European Institute of the Mediterranean Writing Award. She was also awarded American University's Madalyn Lamont Literary Award in 2016. Ms. Bahgat’s writing explores issues of identity, spirituality, mythologies and gender.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in business from Cairo University, and a Master of Arts degree in political science from American University in Cairo. While in the United States Ms. Bahgat will focus on learning strategies of youth development and explore new ways of advancing human rights through her writing.