Currently reviewing Ph.D. applicants

    Ms. Min Shen currently serves as director of international business development at Horizon Research Consultancy Group, the largest local independent research company in China. Ms. Shen’s extensive research experience in public opinion and social studies enables her to serve as a bridge between the public and local government in China, as well as between the Chinese and others from around the world.She has been invited to lecture to domestic and foreign research institutes and think tanks, such as the National Committee on United States-Chinese Relations, the East-West Institute, and the National Library of China. She also has helped higher education institutions such, as Tsinghua University and Southwest Jiaotong University to create courses on social entrepreneurship. Ms. Shen earned a master’s degree in classical Chinese literature from Zhejiang University. During her fellowship year, Ms. Shen will focus on public policy analysis, foundation and nonprofit operation, management and governance of nonprofits, and organizational effectiveness.