Head shot of Katherine Fennelly
Professor Emerita
Areas of Expertise
diversity and cross-cultural relations; health and public policy; immigration and public policy

    Katherine Fennelly's research and outreach interests include the human rights of immigrants and refugees in the United States, and the preparedness of communities and public institutions to adapt to demographic changes. She is a demographer who spent many years studying reproductive health among Latinos in the United States and Latin America.

    Fennelly has been dean of the University of Minnesota Extension Service, a faculty member and department head at the Pennsylvania State University, and a faculty member at Columbia University School of Public Health. She currently resides in New York and teaches online master's courses on immigration, health, and public policy.

    Fennelly is bilingual in Spanish and English and has worked and traveled extensively throughout Latin America.

    She holds a certificate of studies from the University of Madrid, a master's of philosophy, a master's of health education, and a doctorate in adult education from Columbia University.