Currently reviewing Ph.D. applicants

    Ms. Thabet is a Child Protection Officer at the Danish Refugee Council in Aden, Yemen, working in conflict-af­fected areas of Yemen, supporting children affected by armed conflicts, child recruitment, sexual harassment, and exploitation. She worked with the government to sign the action plan with the UN Security Council to stop child recruitment in the military. Since 2014, she worked with UNICEF, to conduct emergency assessments dur­ing conflicts. Ms. Thabet holds her Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Engineering from Aden University. As a Humphrey Fellow, she plans to focus on the legal aspect of human rights – particularly the rights of children – with the aim of increasing her knowledge of human rights capacity-building. She plans to use these skills to work toward universal access to birth certificates, raising Ye­men’s minimum age of marriage to 18, and addressing child protection needs.