Carmen Elena
Currently reviewing Ph.D. applicants

    Ms. Molina holds two bachelor’s degrees, in law and in psychology. She is a judge in Family Court in San Salvador. She also serves as consultant to the Congress in matters relating to women and family. She has worked with various organizations in her country, such as the Women Lawyers Association and the Salvadorian Judges Association. She is involved in the protection of children’s rights and serves on multidisciplinary teams in family court cases.   She also conducts police department training to raise awareness with regard to family issues. Ms. Molina has collaborated with the Supreme Court of El Salvador as a contributor to its journals. She has presented at numerous law conferences in her country. Additionally she has taught civil and family law in various universities. She works with leaders of her community in order to prevent domestic violence and child abuse. She has made appearances on television and radio programs to discuss these issues.  During her fellowship year, Ms. Molina would like to learn more about family services in the United States and volunteer work, in order to introduce new ideas and create community programs that will impact her community.