Currently reviewing Ph.D. applicants

    Ms. Beaudelaine Pierre received a post graduate degree in population and development studies from the University of Haiti.  As the editor of ANAYIZZ magazine, an international Haitian women’s magazine she addresses the challenges faced by Haitian women within the community.  She also serves as the director of research for a private communications firm Haiti Sonde.  Prior to this, she was involved in programs related to children’s rights, gender affairs, and migrant rights.   She is also a university professor, a published author, and is involved in research on minority languages.  Ms. Pierre was an award recipient from the Department of Modern Languages at Brooklyn College, City University of New York, March 2009.  Despite the significant role Haitian women play in society, she has found that they are underrepresented in all aspects of policy making.  During her fellowship year, Ms. Pierre will focus on gender equality, the role of women in the media, sustainable development, leadership, civic participation, and the environment.