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Government Innovation in Minnesota
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The mission of Government Innovation in Minnesota is to share stories of innovative works and great ideas from government offices around the state of Minnesota and the sovereign nations that share its geography, and to encourage further innovations through our storytelling.

You can find stories below, as well as FAQs and a link to share your innovation with us!

Government Innovation in Minnesota is sponsored by the Bush Foundation. Please contact Drake Lawrence, program manager, at [email protected] with any questions.

Since 2006, the Humphrey School of Public Affairs has recognized innovative programs and projects around the state of Minnesota through the Local Government Innovation Awards and the State Government Innovation Awards. In 2020, we have remodeled our program to continue the work of highlighting these innovations through new models and media.

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Will there be an award ceremony?
In the 2020–21 academic year, we will NOT hosting an award ceremony. In future years we hope to return to hosting a ceremony as a part of our program. This year we are focusing on telling these stories in a different way.

Where can I find information about previous awardees?
You can find all the previous awardees for the LGIA and SGIA by using the above links. These sites will serve as archival pages for previous years.

How will GIMN be different?
In the future we hope we’ll continue doing an award ceremony, but we believe that focusing on telling these stories of innovation will better serve our goal of highlighting good government redesign. While we’ve combined LGIA and SGIA, we believe that our new approach will mean more work, more stories, and more opportunities for government innovation to be recognized.

Are you still offering a small grant for local government awardees?
In years past we offered a small grant to the top awardees for the Local Government Innovation Awards, but in response to feedback from previous awardees as well in consideration of our shift in focus we are no longer offering this grant. Our focus is on helping to advance innovation through good storytelling.

How do I submit my program/project?
See "Submit your story" section below.

Application criteria

Government Innovation in Minnesota seeks to recognize and uplift the innovative work of government offices around the state of Minnesota. Applying programs and projects should meet these basic criteria:

It needs to be from government.

  • State, Native nation, county, township, and city government offices, as well as school districts within the state of Minnesota. Partnerships with nonprofits, private entities, or outside educational institutions are acceptable.
  • Many innovations source from collaboration—collaborative projects are encouraged to apply.

It needs to be implemented.

  • Innovation programs and services need to be beyond the design/idea phase and should be presently implemented or recently utilized to address a challenge.

It needs to be innovative.

  • The program should innovate an existing program, redesign a service, or create a new resolution to a community or governmental challenge.

Submit your story

Government Innovation in Minnesota's application is now open! Our Innovation Selection Panel reviews applications as they are received. The review process is non-competitive with other innovations - we highlight the stories of innovation and government redesign that the Panel believes has met the basic criteria.

Share your story with us here!

GIMN selection panel

The Government Innovation in Minnesota program is supported by a panel of Humphrey School of Public Affairs faculty and staff.

2020–21 Selection Panel & Staff