Dave Anderson, MPA ‘14

August 25, 2020
Dave Anderson head shot sketch

Congratulations to board director Dave Anderson, MPA '14 on his selection for a Bush Fellowship. Dave is the executive director of All Parks Alliance for Change, a nonprofit tenants union for residents of Minnesota's manufactured (mobile) home parks. APAC's mission is to serve as a vehicle to promote meaningful social change, to protect the legal rights of park residents, and to improve the quality of life in manufactured home parks.

Dave believes manufactured housing can help solve the affordable housing crisis for hard-working families. He has lobbied for public funding for manufactured home parks, fought efforts to close parks and promoted resident-owned cooperatives. He seeks to challenge the stereotype of these parks as places of poverty and danger and instead reveal them as places of resilience, diversity, pride and self-sufficiency. To advance his ideas and influence on a larger scale, he will pursue training to lead a multicultural movement for change and study innovative ways to reshape the narrative of park communities.

Congratulations Dave!