Energy and Climate Policy

This area explores policies to facilitate a more equitable energy transition while mitigating and adapting to the impacts of climate change. View Energy and Climate Policy research updates

FacultyGabe Chan

Risk and Resilience Assessment and Management

This area embraces how risk assessment informs policy development and decision-making in a cross-disciplinary way by addressing the core natural and social science issues, and makes connections between science/technology and policy by integrating understanding across the sciences. View Risk and Resilience research updates

FacultyPeter Calow

Technology Innovation and Policy

This area studies governance of new technologies and the policies that accelerate innovation and steer technological change towards the common good. View Technology Innovation and Policy research updates

FacultyGabe Chan

Water, Energy, and Food Systems

This area explores the social, ecological, and technological factors that affect the sustainability and equity of our food, water, and energy systems. View Water, Energy, and Food Systems research updates

Faculty: Bonnie Keeler 

Conservation and Land Use

This area addresses policy and planning issues related to land use and land management that affect the provision and value of biodiversity and ecosystem services. 

Faculty: Bonnie Keeler

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