The Center hosts workshops, public lectures, and collaborative events with other research centers on campus throughout the semester.

STEP Seminar Series

The STEP Seminar Series is an interdisciplinary platform for scholars and practitioners to discuss research and policy issues in the broad domain of science, technology, and environmental policy. The seminar series provides an informal setting for feedback and engagement with ongoing research projects and policy debates.

We invite scholars from all disciplines and practitioners working in all action arenas with connections to the fields of scholarship that shape science, technology, and environmental policy. The seminar series takes place throughout the academic year at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs, typically over lunchtime on Mondays.

STEP Seminar Spring 2020 Calendar 

Interested speakers should email Olivia Schares for a list of available dates.

Center for Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy

Humphrey School of Public Affairs
301 19th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55455

In the current political and social climate, the consensus on human-induced climate change appears newly under threat. While the facts remain the same: climate change is happening; we’re causing it; and 97% of scientists agree, the federal government now stands at odds with these facts.