Wilkins Community Fellows Program

Wilkins Community Fellows

The Roy Wilkins Community Fellows program is an intensive one-week boot camp that provides individuals and nonprofit organizations serving Minneapolis communities of color an introduction to policy analysis and methods of evaluation to assess the effectiveness of programs specifically targeted at those communities.

The annual workshop is led by Professor Samuel Myers, director of the Roy Wilkins Center for Social Justice and Human Relations at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs.

Dr. Myers assists the fellows in developing skills to help them conduct high-quality, objective policy analysis—while keeping race and ethnicity at the center of the conversation.

When analyzing a policy, some researchers might simply ask, “Does it work?” The Wilkins Community Fellows are challenged to go further and ask, “Does this policy work for communities of color?”

The workshop covers the following topics:

    • What is policy analysis?
    • Problem structuring
    • Equity v. Efficiency
    • Evaluation
    • Recommendation
    • Writing policy memoranda
    • Final presentations

The fellowship program, which began in 2014, was developed by the Roy Wilkins Center in partnership with the Minneapolis Foundation.  

The 2018 program was held June 4 - 8. 

More information

Fellows are selected through a competitive process, and there is no cost to attend the workshop, which includes reading materials, parking, and meals. 

People interested in the program can watch this informational meeting online.

How to Apply

The application period opens each year several weeks before the program takes place. The online submission form will be made available here. 

Applicants must obtain approval from their employer to participate in this workshop if accepted.

For more information about the fellowship, contact us at rwilkins@umn.edu.

Samuel Myers
The Humphrey policy analysis core prepares students to be problem solvers. Graduates find rewarding jobs and passionate careers using these important skills to address critical social problems relating to inequality and poverty.
Professor Samuel Myers Jr., Policy Analysis