Krekar Abdullah Hussein
Currently reviewing Ph.D. applicants

    Mr. Krekar Abdullah Hussein Khoshnaw has spent the majority of his career in public administration working for the Government of Iraq and its Kurdistan Region.  He began in the Ministry of Agriculture as Assistant Agricultural Engineer, working his way up to the position of General Director.  He currently serves as the Director General and Senior Consultant of the Iraqi-Kurdistan Parliament, where he supervises over 300 employees, oversees the work of all directorates and is responsible for all administrative and financial functions. Throughout his career, he has been devoted to more transparent and efficient practices.  He received a bachelor’s degree in law from Sulaimani University and a bachelor’s degree in agricultural science from Mosul University, Iraq.  He has completed certificate courses in legal training from the International Bar Association in the United Arab Emirates and in public administration from the Central Official Training Institute in South Korea.  He is also a published author of five books in Kurdish and Arabic.  During his fellowship year, Mr. Khoshnaw will focus on law, government administration, policy making, transparency, corruption, and finance.