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Areas of Expertise
Public Policy Analysis and Public Administration

    Arlind Rama serves as Analyst/Advisor to the Prime Minister of Albania, where he is responsible for coordinating economic development policy to advance the President's economic priorities. Before joining the PM’s Cabinet, he worked as an Economist at the Research Department of the Bank of Albania, specializing in macroeconomic projections and economic modeling analysis. In 2011, he was elected Councilor and chaired the Finance Commission in the Municipality of Tirana, Area No. 7. Upon completing his term, Mr. Rama co-founded the Institute for Public Policy and Good Governance (IPPM) aimed at increasing transparency of public finances and promoting civic engagement in the policy-making process. He was awarded the Chevening scholarship by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and earned his Master of Science in Financial Economics from City University London. Mr. Rama is a Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Tirana where he also lectures. During his fellowship year, he would like to enhance his skills in public policy design and implementation, fiscal and monetary policy, financial markets, strategic investments, and public finances management.